What to drink first thing in the morning for your health

Contribution: Rachna Aryan


Morning is an important time that can set the tone for the rest of the day – and your short and long term health.

And the first thing you need to do is stay out of bed because it can help keep the clock ticking.

If you start the morning on the right foot, you are ready for whatever day is on your way.

Let’s take a look at the best things to sip the first thing in the morning to get your day off right for the best daytime conditions.

Lemon juice with honey

Most dietitians recommend drinking a mixture of honey and lemon with warm water first thing in the morning.

Drinking it on an empty stomach puts your system in a fat-burning mode, which makes you feel fit, healthy and light all day long.

These ingredients help to remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the body by regulating bowel movements.


Take a glass of lukewarm water and add half a lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Drink now.

Cumin water

For a morning drink that is full of digestive effects, you should start drinking cumin water in the morning.

Ayurveda recommends this millennial spice as a miracle morning health tonic.

Cumin or cumin seeds are known for their ability to relieve acidity and swelling.


All you have to do is add a teaspoon of cumin seeds to a cup of water and boil it.

Allow it to cool and then drink on an empty stomach. If you want to make your morning drink more delicious, mix water with a few drops of lemon juice.

Apple cider vinegar

Marked as a miracle drink, virtually every health enthusiast acknowledges the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV).

Many ACV advocates recommend taking a shot of apple cider vinegar with water in the morning.

The combination is a strong one Immune boosterClears toxins from the body and helps in a fresh start.

Various studies have mentioned that ACV helps in weight loss, reduces bad CholesterolImproves DigestionAnd maintains the pH balance of the skin.


To get the benefits of this metabolism-boosting drink, just drink one teaspoon of ACV in hot water.

Honey and / or a dash of cinnamon or ginger, and you’re ready for your day.


More than just tasting your cup of tea, drinking basil water on an empty stomach in the morning is the best way to start your day.

Basil, often called ‘The golden remedy of Ayurveda‘, Loaded with antioxidants that improve the functioning of the digestive organs.

Drinking basil water first thing in the morning removes toxins and germs instantly. It can aid digestion by increasing the secretion of digestive enzymes.


Add a few basil leaves to a cup of water and bring it to a boil.

Let the dessert cook for a few minutes.

Allow it to cool and then drink on an empty stomach.

To enhance the taste of your drink, you can add one tablespoon of honey.

Mint leaves

Studies further show that fresh mint tea is loaded with fresh mint leaves with digestive and immune-boosting properties – it also tastes delicious and contains negligible amounts of calories and sugar!

The menthol properties of mint water have been shown to relax the smooth muscles of the colon, which relieves the pain felt during defecation.

Make it part of your morning routine to grease the digestion wheels and catch fire in the system.

Method: Soak a few mint leaves in a tumbler filled with water. Leave it overnight.

Drink this mixed water slowly and comfortably, first thing in the morning.

You can add a dash of lemon juice and enjoy!

Yes, what you drink is really important!

Either way, experts agree that the first thing you need in the morning is very important.

Many energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine, so if you drink one thing early in the morning, you must be extremely careful about your caffeine intake for the rest of the day.

Remember, your body deserves to enjoy a crack-off-drink that promotes a minimum of decent behavior throughout the day.

With minimal effort, you can improve your health by replacing Fad-free drinks with sugar-loaded, garbage-filled drinks.

If you want to keep it simple, just drink a long glass of warm water as the first sip of the day.

In addition, you should have frequent preventive health checks.

These health tests give you a broad insight into your health, allowing you to take the necessary precautions to stay on top of your health.

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